"Poseidon Upanishads, Sea Shield! 」

It is natural that the escape and evasion of the King’s Temple in Wang Gui will not be done. Therefore, when the evil knight’s gun was javelin, he saw the blue light of the Caspian Excalibur flashing in front of him, and the blue water energy shield was guarded in front of him.
The evil knight, the gun, the sea shield collided with each other, and the pure black evil force, the sky blue sea pulse, intertwined and entangled, and no one would let the evil force, the sea pulse, and the two energies were equal, so the final result was that the attack and defense disappeared together.
"It’s true that Poseidon’s sea pulse is really powerful!" O ‘Brien, the evil knight, said with admiration that I was bounced back from the evil gun, "It’s not bad that Poseidon Upanishads can forcibly carry my evil knight gun head-on."
"Your evil faith is also not low, so you can get so much evil energy." The sea king shook his wrist and held a sword flower again. "But after all, it is the outside world that gets evil energy, not its own energy. There will always be an evil knight O’ Brien when your evil power is exhausted, that is, when you die."
"Ga Ga was seen through my evil power source by the Wang Dian so quickly, but …" O ‘Brien paused for a moment and looked at the sea king who was holding the Poseidon sword, and then looked at the successor of sharingan in the cool array. "Even if you can see through the evil power source, do you think you can support it until I run out?"
The power of evil force is very huge, and it can continuously resist the roaring of the raging sea. With the addition of the evil knight gun, the loss has just reached 15%, which means that the loss of evil force is only 15%.
There are flowers smashing flowers! In addition, for all of you, level 4 of the Excalibur and Dionysus Curse should be studied. Xuanyuan will explain here.
As we all know, Li Xiaoyao was on the seventh floor of the Nuwa Temple, but the protagonist didn’t get the seven-floor fixed-point scroll delivery when he went out for the second time. Therefore, if you want to learn these two skills, you must break into the seventh floor of the Nuwa Temple on your own.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-seven sharingan successor VS O ‘Brien
"Evil Knight O ‘Brien, if you ignore me, it will be a disaster." Although the evil force is fierce, I have a magic trick of sharingan and Harle. Harle releases the minimum damage in the past. Even if O ‘Brien’s defense is strong, the rest will be close to life, and it will not be able to resist Harle and damage per second.
"sharingan transformed into sharingan! 」
"Mirror sharingan-illusion, Harle! 」
Sharingan, a universal mirror formed by three-wheeled sickle hooks, quickly runs up. The original dense forest scene, a mysterious Harle that changes blood red, comes again.
"hmm? Sharingan illusion Harle? It seems that sharingan’s successor has seen the world. This time it seems that there is some trouble. "The evil knight O’ Brien spoke, and the evil knight gun in his hand has quickly pierced the surrounding blood-red Harle ground and directly painted it in circles.
When the two ends of the ground circle are adjacent to each other, the original unremarkable circle suddenly seems to be full of magical power and generally emits dark and evil light directly.
"Evil field! 」
Being able to attack all the tricks, the evil field is re-formed in the evil knight O ‘Brien’s evil gun. This evil field is to resist the sea, the sea, the sea, the gods, the righteousness and the grandeur; And this time, the evil realm is to resist me. sharingan illusion Harle
"Mosaic what are you doing still silly leng? Don’t help me add blood? " Relying on the evil field and effect to offset Harle’s attack, O ‘Brien immediately stood aside and still looked on coldly. Mosaic, the dark mage, cried out, "If I die, I will not be the successor of Wang and sharingan with your own roots."
"I will give you a hand for your words." Mosaic, the dark mage, naturally saw that his old friend O ‘Brien was dying, so the skeleton staff was immediately placed in front of his mouth and said, "Great dark god, please turn your evil faith into vitality and heal my friend. Evil faith, dark healing!"
In the mosaic spell of the dark mage, Fanchi’s skeleton staff immediately exudes pure black evil belief and condenses into dark black healing light, which flies directly towards O’ Brien, who is struggling to support in the evil field of Harle.
When this number floated, I was taken aback whether I was releasing Harle’s dreamland or cooling off the sea king.
Plus 100 thousand. What is this?
That is to say, it is hard to rely on the ice explosion skill to hurt, because the dark mage mosaic dark healing light is directly restored
"Haha, now you know what Mosaic and I can be the right and left arms of the Duke!" Obtaining 100,000 health points to supplement the evil knight O ‘Brien is arrogant again. "The mosaic of the dark mage can be a priest with outstanding healing ability in addition to destroying the mage; Besides being a high-attack fighter and a high-speed assassin, I also have a part-time job as a long-range archer. "
"Evil bow! 」
The evil knight O ‘Brien shook his wrist, and the pure black evil force immediately condensed into a black evil bow and held it tightly in his hand. At the same time, when he touched the bow and took the arrow to assist the evil bow, the evil arrow immediately condensed and formed.
Archers! This is O ‘Brien’s archer form!
"Evil penetrates three arrows! 」
O ‘Brien, the evil knight, relied on his own advantage in the field of evil to play the role of an archer in Harle’s mysterious dreamland and shot three arrows of evil penetration with a bow and arrow.
Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.
Three serial evil arrow targets are in the dreamland of Harle. It seems that the location of Harle and myself in the evil field has also been explored by the evil knight O ‘Brien (cutting the target is a double body, not my own body! )
"Mirror sharingan-pupillary technique, the day! 」
When evil penetrated three arrows and three arrows hit me, and the numbers 547, 574, and 56 floated above my head, I also successfully launched the pupil technique and the sky photo.
I have to say that O ‘Brien’s defense power has reached an alarming level. With the instantaneous injury of the celestial flame, only 27 points were output. However, when the slight injury floated from O ‘Brien’s head, the purple-black celestial flame immediately flew around in the dense forest.
Immortality, immortality, purple-black sky flame, this is the horror of pupil surgery.
(5) (overlapping output of the former), 5, 5, 5, 5, (5), 5, 5, 5, 5, (5), 5, 5 …
When the pupil, the sky, the purple-black flame flew out, the evil knight O’ Brien’s 15-second evil field just ended, so the double damage effect of Harle’s sky was immediately superimposed, and the damage was frequently output, which was spectacular.
In the remaining 5 seconds, Harle, the evil knight O ‘Brien had to rely on the newly recovered 100,000 health points to carry it through. After all, whether the output theory is Harle or the sky is the basic damage, even if the evil knight O ‘Brien’s defense is strong, it is impossible to reduce the skill base damage.
"Damn it, I’m worthy of the super artifact mirror. sharingan said coldly with two big guns," Make Harle and Tianzhao continuously, and your life value must have been greatly reduced. Let me send you to the West now. "
The evil knight O ‘Brien, who was injured by the illusion of Harle and the pupil’s celestial illumination, still has more than 49,000 health points left. Naturally, this achievement can be attributed to the dark healing of the dark mage mosaic. Otherwise, with the evil knight O ‘Brien, the remaining thousand blood points have already been hung in my universal mirror, sharingan double meaning.
On the other hand, Harle and Tianzhao Vice have also reported that the percentage of my health has immediately decreased from 77% to 32% now. I have to say that after the release of the ice explosion, HP has not been fully recovered, and then the eye release illusion Harle and pupil surgery Tianzhao’s health consumption is not small.
Therefore, when the evil knight O ‘Brien attacked me with an evil gun, I stepped on the drunken fairy Mochizuki Ayumu and quickly retreated to the rear. At the same time, the life potion was desperately poured into my mouth in an attempt to restore the health as much as possible.