Even Mercy shook his head: "Brother Zhuge is so outrageous. How can people meet people after this?"

The people of Taiyi Xianzong are very nervous. Zhu Yan is in someone else’s field at the moment, and there is no doubt that he will become the meat of the other side’s chopping block and the prey of abuse.
Zhuge approached before dawn, and the phoenix flowers in the sky entangled again.
Zhu Yan Xianzi suddenly let out a mournful scream from the sky, which was extremely harsh, and a strong auspicious light poured out of his body. Her broken body quickly reorganized, and the horrible half face also restored the angelic appearance, and the original bloody * * recovered.
The whole sky trembled, and a fairy light flew out from Zhu Yan’s fairy body. Among the fairy lights, there is an oil lamp, simple and rustic, but rusty. Only the thumb-sized flame in the oil lamp emits brilliant fairy clouds.
The oil lamp was suspended above Zhu Yan Xianzi’s head, and her hair was flying, and the spell on her brow flashed and flew into the oil lamp.
At the moment, where the fairy light shines, the phoenix flower trees are shattered, and hundreds of phoenix flower trees are shattered in an instant.
"What magic weapon is that!" Simon ink surprised way.
Zhu Yan Xianzi’s rosy lips were sprayed with a mouthful of JingXie. She stood up against the quaint oil lamp, all the phoenix petals disappeared, and Zhuge flew out in a mess when he was not bright. The field was actually broken.
Wu Qingying said: "The newly formed field can’t be perfectly integrated with ontology. Even if Zhu Yan doesn’t use this magic weapon, it is estimated that it won’t last long."
The scene suddenly boiled up, although Zhuge Liang did not show extraordinary strength, but also displayed a unique field. But these people are more inclined to fairy Zhu Yan.
"Zhu Yan Xianzi is out of trouble, great!" The * * * cried.
Fairy Zhu Yan descended from the sky like a goddess. In an instant, the quaint oil lamp overhead flew into her body. And Zhu Yan Xianzi collapsed and generally collapsed to the ground.
"Senior Sister" several disciples of Taiyi Xianzong rushed to meet them and helped Zhu Yan Xianzi up.
Zhu Yan Xianzi blanched and stood up feebly, but staggered, as if he would fall to the ground at any moment. She wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth and looked at Zhuge in midair.
Zhuge Liang frowned, his field was broken, and he himself was hit hard, but it did not affect his current combat power. He told him to step on the void and push forward, saying, "It’s not over yet. Leave your life!"
After saying this, Zhuge leaned out without a bright palm, and the huge palm covered the sun, and a small world fell in the palm. Mountains and rivers loom in the small world, and pavilions are like a heavenly palace.
"This guy … really want to slaughter the great beauty of the south domain." Simon showed a face of complexity.
"Stop it! Crazy! "
"How dare you do this to Zhu Yan Xianzi, you daring fanatic!"
"Devil, stop it quickly!"
Many people have called out in succession. If the first beauty in Nanyu really falls here, it will be a great loss for Nanyu.
Under the pressure of huge palms, huge coercion has made many people sit on the ground. The two "masters" have also changed their colors at the moment. If it weren’t for Qingyun’s presence there, I’m afraid they would have directly blown Zhuge into a slag.
Three disciples of Taiyi Xianzong rushed up and stood in front of Zhu Yan Xianzi. The blood fog collapsed, and the three people turned into blood fog without any suspense under the big palm.
At this time, Yin Mengli, who had suddenly lost her mind, suddenly came to her senses. She rose in the air like a goddess, and her white clothes came out of the dust, which was beyond beauty. The little red mole on the brow suddenly bloomed, and the red mole turned into a harsh Excalibur and flew out to meet the huge palm under pressure.
Excalibur, with the sound of thunder and wind, once penetrated the huge palm, and the terrible shock wave destroyed the small world in the palm.
"Well …" Zhuge not bright stuffy hum 1, palm blood flowing, a horrible blood in the palm.
But how can the pain of the body be comparable to the pain of the heart? Yin Mengli has shot at him many times, which has almost broken Zhuge’s dull heart.
"You … can’t kill her." The cold opening of the Yin Meng glass, the immortal light in the eyes, stares at Zhuge.
"Don’t kill her … don’t let her kill me?" Zhuge Buliang said sadly, "If I were the one lying on the ground now, would you stop me? Will you? "
When he said this, Zhuge could even feel his heart tearing when he was not bright, as if there was a big hand holding it hard.
Yin Mengli held the Excalibur, pointed at Zhuge, and his face was cold, but he didn’t start work.
"Dream glass, don’t be soft-hearted, don’t forget your identity and kill this fanatic!" Although Zhu Yan fairy son looks haggard, but still can’t help but press a way.
Yin Meng glass in the hands of the god sword fairy mans fills the air, she approached Zhuge step by step is not bright, cold face has no feeling * * color.
"Ha ha ha ha ha today I beheaded this Zhu Yan bitch!" Zhuge laughed crazily when he was not bright. He swooped down and went straight to Zhu Yan Xianzi.
With a touch of rare blood floating, an Excalibur penetrated Zhuge’s unlit chest. Zhuge unlit looked at the blade from his chest unbelievably, and looked back at Yin Mengli, his eyes blurred and full of complexity.
"Well …" Looking at the blade that pierced Zhuge’s dull body, Yin Meng Li also covered her head in pain. The figure in my mind lingers and gradually becomes clear. But whenever she wants to see what that person looks like, there is always a hazy fairy fog blocking her sight.
"PSST" Seeing Zhuge being penetrated by a sword before dawn, Mo Ximen and Liu Mang took a deep breath. Mo Ximen urged: "Brother Zhuge, what are you doing? Why don’t you fight back? If you dare to kill Zhu Yan, how can you be so merciful to this little lady? "
Yin Mengli drew back the Excalibur and said, "I won’t let you kill her, and I won’t … I won’t kill you … You’d better stop."
I don’t know why, when Excalibur pierced the man’s body in front of him, Yin Mengli felt like he had pierced his own body, and the pain was beyond words.
Zhuge didn’t shine * * * shape, although his chest kept bleeding, but this kind of injury didn’t kill him. He glanced coldly at Xianzi Zhu Yan and all the people of Taizi Xianzong, saying, "Even if I don’t kill her today, I will take her life sooner or later! Taiyi Xianzong, I am at odds with you! "
After that, Zhuge strode to the front of Liu Mang and Liu Zihan before dawn, pulled them together and walked towards the outside of Xuantian Dance Pavilion.
"Go? What the hell happened? "