If it weren’t for going to Lingyun, the ice phoenix legion, I wouldn’t have brought Bing Xin jade out.

Bing Xinyu’s injury is lighter than before, but it will take half a month to recover even with Li Huili’s treatment.
Facing Cao Cao’s siege early in the morning, although Cao Cao lost two generals last night, Lingyun couldn’t relax.
South Gate or GongSunYing is responsible for confronting Dian Wei.
Dian Wei didn’t personally attack the city, but looked at GongSunYing at the gate.
After two days ago, Dian Wei knew that it was impossible for him to climb the wall in front of GongSunYing, so he simply wasn’t in the waves, but let the soldiers kill him.
Not moving in front of the gate is also Cao Cao’s special command to Dian Wei today that he will not disobey.
Compared with other three-sided city gates, the south city gate is relatively dull.
Although GongSunYing wanted to slay Dian Wei, he was worried that Cao Cao would send other military commanders to attack the wall suddenly after his city.
He’s alone in the south wall. He’s on the wall, whether it’s Dian Wei or Xu Chu, it’s only a second at most.
Even if you haven’t climbed the wall, you will be forced to go by GongSunYing.
Although GongSunYing out of the city is sure to slay Dian Wei, but also dare not leave.
Even if Dian Wei is killed on his side, if other Cao Jiang kills the wall and helps other Cao Cao to climb the wall, the gate will be lost.
Chapter 51 Strike the North from the South
GongSunYing won’t worry if he wants to be in the south of the wall.
Two days before the attack on Xicheng, it was Xu Chu. Today, Xu Chu is still there, but he added a Xu Huang.
One is the five-star peak, and the other is the five-star high-order Lingyun, who dare not put Zhang He and Zhang Tong Zhao Yun in charge.
Even killing Zhao Yun, Zhang He and Zhang Tong outside the city gate can fight with Xu Chu and Xu Huang for a hundred rounds. Now it is more advantageous for three people in the city wall.
If Xu Chu wants to climb the wall, Zhang He and Zhao Yun will wait for luck, but when Xu Chu is about to touch the wall, he will be beaten.
Even if you are a little unlucky, you will misjudge Xu Chu’s foothold. Zhao Yun and Zhang He can also push Xu Chu to the wall.
Zhang Tong is as strong as Xu Huang, and one-on-one is not lacking in Xu Huang.
Fortunately, Zhao Yun is a five-star intermediate strength, but the real fighting capacity is not lost to the five-star high-order military commanders. How many can he fight with the five-star high-order military commanders for a hundred rounds?
With three of him in Ximen, Cao Cao is not in danger for the time being if he doesn’t send more other military commanders.
The East Gate is the Xia Houyuan Xiahou Dun brothers, who are both five-star middle-ranking Lingyun, and let the wind dance and the stone fierce contain them.
The north gate is Coss and Lejin, and Cao Chun Lingyun, and here is Zhao Feng and Zongma Xiaoxiao.
Cao Renhe and Cao Chun are five-star intermediate rank and Le Jin is five-star initial rank.
Le Jin is against Ma Xiao, Xi Feng and Zhao Feng. One person has to deal with Coss and Cao Chun brothers.
Although Zhao Feng is a five-star high-order strength, after all, there is one person whose wall length is so long.
Zhao Feng has just driven Coss there, and Cao Chun has climbed the wall again.
Sometimes Coss and Cao Chun join hands to climb the city wall at the same time.
Lingyun with chui fook is also here. Lingyun is constantly operating to contain Coss and Cao Chun.
Sun Yu Sun Hong is also a four-star strength now, following Bai Sheng with a black skull and an ice phoenix legion, ready to coordinate in the city.
Fortunately, there is also a Li Dian missing, otherwise Lingyun is estimated to have let the Black Skull Legion field by now.
"What is the situation on the other three sides now?" Cao Cao asked
Guo Jia said, "There is no breakthrough yet to predict that the easiest breakthrough in the North Gate is also due to Lingyun."
"I didn’t think that Lingyun was still a warlock, but no one knew it before it was hidden deep enough?" Cao Cao said
Lingyun has been practicing Taiping for many years, but the base has not been aboveboard.
The former battlefield is also secretly making small pits or getting a gold needle to stab into the enemy’s eyes.
Lily pricks people’s eyes once, and Lingyun is gone. After all, it pricks people blind. If you die, it’s okay to die, but you’re not dead, so the second half of your life will be wasted.
Last night, the earth wall blocked Cao Hong. Although many Cao Bing saw it, they didn’t know who did it.
Cao Cao just learned that Lingyun was still a warlock.
Today, Lingyun needs all kinds of dynamic traction when the wall is performing the operation method, so it is easy for people to judge.
"It seems so," said Cao Caosui’s entourage. "Go and call General Dian back."
South Gate Dian Wei suddenly turned away.
While GongSunYing looked at Dian Wei’s departure doubtfully on the wall, Ma sent someone to inform Lingyun of the North Gate.
Gong Sunying is worried that Dian Wei will go to other gates, whether Dian Wei goes to the East Gate, the West Gate or the North Gate, the stalemate will be broken now.
Although Dian Wei left, GongSunYing did not dare to leave like this.
What if he kills again as soon as he leaves Dian Wei? There is a military commander in Nancheng wall, not to mention the other five stars, not even four stars. Besides him, the highest strength is Samsung.
Lingyun, who is in the north gate, soon gets the news that Dian Wei is not in the south gate? Where did you go?
Lingyun has a very bad feeling in his heart.
But it didn’t last long before someone reported that Dian Wei had returned to the South Gate.
Lingyun a little peace of mind, but there is still a kind of unspeakable feeling in my heart. What did Dian Wei do this time?
Lingyun doesn’t have much time to think about it now, and he has to constantly make the operation interfere with Coss and Cao Chun.
At this time, Dian Wei has quietly come to the north gate with fifty thousand butch riding.

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