Eternal Dao continued, "You must not want to fight with the guild fleet of" Iron Blood Alliance "on the mainland of fighters, so you chose to go around from the west and land from the north."

Zhang Yu was even more surprised. "Do you know this?"
Eternal Knife sighed slightly. "Your ship must have sunk in a thunderstorm and then you rowed in a small boat."
Zhang Yu stopped talking, and his face and expression were doubtful.
Mad dog dragon spoke carefully. "What’s going on?"
Eternal knife glanced at him and said lightly, "There are some things I shouldn’t say. After all, you ruined our probe ship."
Mad dog dragons can smile bitterly.
Eternal Dao added, "But everyone has his own way, so it’s not the island. After that, I found that the situation on this island is far more complicated than we thought, and the plan has been disrupted. So I want to hear what you know, so I have to tell you something we know."
Mad dog dragon immediately became modest. "Then please give me your advice!" " to be continued
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four Tower fright
What Eternal Knife knows is that it is very difficult to land on this island, and the landing methods in all directions are different.
First of all, there are clouds in many areas in the west, and it is difficult for many guild ships to pass through. No one except pirates wants to land in this way.
Secondly, the southern route is dominated by the Yutian family, and there are many cliffs, even the flying magic wand can’t fly.
In the north, there is a strong thunderstorm, and if you want to land, you must sacrifice the big ship. Except for the myth of the sanctuary, laymen will not spend so much money to land on the island.
The Tiankang group probe ship, which has less resistance to the east but is controlled by the beauty family, has worked hard for a big circle and was sunk by the mad dog dragon.
"What about this evil Matai military base?" Mad dog dragon asked.
Eternal Dao: "I’m not afraid to tell you that there are Japanese secret research technology and military weapons here. If you want to find samples or drawings, our Tiankang technicians can analyze them."
He is still a little confident. If you let Mad Dog Dragon find it, he can still analyze the principle for you.
The problem is that the situation is very chaotic now, and many influential people have landed. Not to mention that this place is a base and a monster, many things can’t be explained, such as sword fragments, weapons samples, pioneering points, etc. Everyone has no clue.
"What else did that record?" Mad dog dragon asked.
In the past week, 21 soldiers and scholars were killed or injured. According to the people who came back, they saw ghosts doing things near the temple. They didn’t believe in ghosts, but these people were really injured by the so-called ghosts. We decided to build transportation facilities to speed up the research. The empire will produce research results as soon as possible!
Mad dog dragon mused, "It is indeed possible that these Japanese are studying something!"
After this sentence, there are footsteps outside, this time it is the footsteps of a large group of people, and it is certain that this is the footsteps of players.
When people arrived, they saw that it was actually the group of women who were the former eldest sister. She was not only numerous, but also brought more than one this time.
"Give me a chance to catch that day, Kang Xiao!" Big sister shoots when she raises her gun.
"How many fucking people did they come?" The mad dog dragon hid behind a crane, and the other side’s firepower was fierce. Seven rifles fired up, and the steel plate came out like a spark in the rain.
"I’m afraid this is the island’s largest family." Eternal Knife replied, but Mad Dog Dragon and Yu had already flashed, and they climbed into the ventilation pipe and slipped away to sell Eternal Knife.
Anyway, those women are dealing with you, buddy, and they don’t want to suffer an accident.
"My two brothers have arrived at the control center. Let’s meet in the past!" Zhang yuyi
Mad dog dragon thought about it, so it’s better to have one more person and one more strength. Everyone else is a group of powerful forces, but the buddy is weak and has several companions.
After arriving at the control center, the stormtrooper and the hunter were really there.
"Ayu, are you all right?" The charge soldiers rushed to meet them.
"I’m all right! Depend on this cucumber elder brother of the Eastern Dynasty! " Zhang Yu introduced
It was not until the two of them joined the team that Mad Dog Dragon knew that the charge soldier was called Leopard Head Level 26. Hunter’s name is oil gourd, level 33.
"The debris is not in the base, it should be in the mountain over there!" The leopard’s head points away.
Mad dog dragon looked through the window. Originally, the Japanese army on this island was quite awesome. Actually, a giant elevator was built on a cliff about 4 meters high. The terrain was like a piece of tofu, and it was naked in the middle. It was necessary to make the elevator go.
"Maybe the pioneering point is also on that side. Let’s go!" Mad dog dragon is interested.
"Not yet!" Leopard head pointed to the console and said, "Brother You and I just tried, but we still need to send a lot of force."
Zhang Yu listened anxiously. "Then you can send it!"
Leopard head bitter face way "console lever rust too much I pulled it off"
Nima sees you doing good deeds, and Zhang Yu is also depressed. "Is there any other way?"
You gourd answered, "Yes, but …"
Mad dog dragon road "but what?"
The chain hoist pointed to the window. "The delivery force is in the top box. I studied the console and it can’t be wrong."
Along the direction of his finger, that is, about 1 meter away from the elevator, there is a horribly high red spot jumping on the top of the tower. Visually, this tower is at least 100 meters high. Its design structure is that the original iron fence is surrounded by a square, and there are only two vertical iron ladders on both sides, which can climb and occupy less than 1 square meter.
Mad dog dragon finally made them look sad. This tower will be guilty if you change people, not to mention that you have acrophobia and high blood pressure. Just say that the rusty ladder even Mad dog dragon can’t easily make Peter Pan break with a little force. If you fall from that side, you will hang up.
"I’ll go!" Mad dog dragon decisively said, "You go to the elevator and wait for me!"
Leopard head looked at him in surprise. "Brother, you are only level 12 …"
He doesn’t question the low level of mad dog dragon, but he doesn’t believe that anyone can climb that high, which is too risky.
Of course, he can never imagine how determined Mad Dog Dragon is to get rich, buddy, but he is risking his life to get rich.
The tower is located in the wilderness, and when it really comes to it, the mad dog dragon says that his heart is not empty, which is a lie, because when he put his hand on the iron pipe steps in the first section of the first ladder, it rusted yellow, and the iron pipe snapped off.
I can’t be too strong. God bless me, Amitabha Mad Dog Dragon finally climbed the tower after praying secretly.
The tower as a whole is divided into five sections, and each section has a small maintenance platform, which is where the maintenance personnel settle down. In this section, the pillar will become thinner when going to the tower, and the outermost pillar looks like a needle in Zhang Yu’s eyes at the moment.
Mad dog dragon didn’t know how terrible it was to climb this damn thing until he climbed the first maintenance platform.
Dude, again! Mad dog dragon continues to climb section 2
Just then, a large number of players suddenly came out of the jungle, and someone was already howling.
"Call that little guy quickly. He can’t get his hands on the pioneering point!"
"Four eyes leng? Do it! "
"It’s too high for me to hit!"
"Archer archer? Cover us! "
There is a mad dog in the face, and the dragon is surprised and scared. The pioneering point is actually in the tower and even impartial. At this time, your mother has a group of enemies. Do you still have to work hard?
What should we do?
Yes, speed up and keep climbing!