Lin Crazy gave the ball to the line this time. Acic Acic tried his best but couldn’t get around Gasol. His jumper was not sure. Finally, he distributed the ball. It was Parsons who caught the ball, and Tony Allen was trying to defend him. Parsons aimed at a chance, and the horse gave Patterson a jumper in the middle distance and passed the net obediently.

The grizzlies put the ball to the line again, and the black and white double devils cooperated with Patterson and Acic to defend hard, but they still failed, and Gasol finally scored the ball.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? In the second quarter, with 1 minute left, the two sides scored 7572, and the Grizzlies led by 3 points. At this time, the Rockets attacked with the ball.
Lin frantically carried the ball and kept waving his left hand on his chest as if he were instructing his teammates what to do. His mouth was not idle, and he kept shouting that his teammates could understand the audience but could not hear the words. After all, the noise was so loud that no one could hear the players clearly.
The teammates kept running, and Lin was crazy about Conley, calmly carrying the ball. The audience held their breath and stared at him. What was this about? How will he attack?
"Lin wants to come by himself. He always makes amazing moves at the last minute. He is a natural heart player. Remember when the forest storm blew in 212, he scored that winner three-pointer against Secalderon’s defense? V5 A commentator said.
"Of course, I don’t think it’s that simple. After all, times have changed. He didn’t throw three points in this ball. It’s necessary to have a three-point gap in one quarter." Moderator B expounded different opinions
"Three points for three points? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? "A host turned around and shouted excitedly that he was right this time." Oh? ? ? ? ? ? Too bad I didn’t get in? ? ? ? ? ? ?” His horse sigh.
"Er, Zhong Daguo is Zhong Daguo, and he is going to rebound again." Commentator B shouted at once.
Seeing that Zhong Daguo had already judged the impact of the ball, he suddenly jumped up and clamped the ball firmly with his hands. He nodded to Lin Crazy again with a smile, and Zhong Daguo also smiled. What were they thinking? It’s almost mutual encouragement and trust.
There were four minutes left in the game, and Lin Crazy consumed almost 24 seconds. Then he suddenly accelerated and killed the past from Conley’s side. Conley kept retreating to defend Lin Crazy. When he was about to kill the basket, he suddenly turned his back, then held the ball in his left hand and swiped it at the basket, and finally entered the basket.
Crazy Lin opened his mouth and shouted for a minute. All the other teammates in the big country came running and hugged crazy Lin. ? ? ? ? There is one second left in the 7574 game. When Conley performs the final attack, he should at least spend about the same time and then leave it for the Rockets to attack for 1 or 2 seconds.
“onley? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? "When Conley was there with four seconds left, he shot and hit the dj. The whole arena was full of excitement. Conley stretched out three fingers and ran excitedly in the arena.
The 774 rocket was hastily launched in the last 1 or 2 seconds? ? ? ? ? ? ? A hundred thousand miles off? ? ? ? ? ? If you want to know the funeral, please listen to the breakdown.
Chapter 29 Grizzly bear five
Chapter 29 Grizzly bear five-minute power lore, cut 4+ again.
In the last quarter of 774, the grizzlies attacked for the first time, and Guy made a three-point "Bounce!" When the iron rang, I heard that several people in the basket shouted at the same time, "Ah? ? ? ? ? ? "Finally, Zach Randolph grabbed the ball.
Randolph didn’t have a chance to make up the button this time because a bunch of people tied up in the paint area "catch the ball!" "Conley received Randolph’s ball, and it was another three-pointer shot. Then he jumped up vigorously. Conley’s shot seemed to be affected a little. While the iron was hot, Randolph didn’t catch the ball this time.
Rockets Acic grabbed the ball and Zhong Daguo received the crazy ball from Lin. He didn’t adjust the jump shot directly. "Didn’t get into Guy, this time he was very brave and grabbed the ball. Guy picked up the ball himself. Zhong Daguo didn’t have a field to watch him. He directly retreated to the half-court defense. Guy also threw a three-pointer. This ball was actually dropped by the Rockets Parsons, just at the small landing point of the ball. His hands were very comfortable and he picked up the small ball. His face smiled.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? In the first half of the last festival, both sides may have some psychological pressure or bad luck, and both sides are constantly striking while the iron is hot.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The game played for more than one minute, and with the last four seconds left, the score between the two sides was still very close to 9391, or there was a gap of two points.
Zhong Daguo has scored 43 points, he blasted 29 points at half-time, he scored 14 points at half-time, and he shot less because of Lin’s madness at half-time. He was more running and defending.
Lin Crazy has scored 29 points and sent out 17 assists. The statistics are really scary. Is he going to win the assists this season?
And what about guy from the grizzly bear? He has scored 36 points, 21 points and 15 points at half-time, and his performance is still excellent.
At this time, it was the Rockets coach Ma who called for a time-out. He wanted to arrange a tactic. "It is best to make an attack as soon as possible, so that the game will last more than 24 seconds. After they have finished a wave of attacks, we will have another chance to attack." This is McHale’s idea
"Try to defend, try to defend, and don’t let the rules go. When you have to press hard to delay their attack," Grizzlies coach Gao said.
At 4 seconds, the Rockets serve Lin Crazy in the backcourt for 3 seconds, and it is transported to the frontcourt. Although Conley is constantly disturbed by the field, Lin Crazy is still very safe to protect the ball. This time, Lin Crazy is a strong breakthrough moment. At this time, everyone is most concerned about the person holding the ball. Although Lin Crazy has suddenly entered the line, he has no chance to attack the basket. Because many Grizzlies are waiting for online defense, Lin even can be covered by the other side. Grizzlies are extremely tight on his defense.
Zhong Daguo is looking for a suitable position at this time. Lin is crazy about the road. He knows that his shooting may be blocked by many people now. He throws the ball out of the encirclement from Conley’s hip.
It’s Zhong Daguo again. He caught the ball at a 45-degree angle in two divisions and shot quickly. He didn’t adjust and think too much, so everyone was separated from him. When the ball was given to him, someone rushed to defend him.
"oh? ? ? ? ? ? ?” The rockets’ main players and bench substitutes jumped up together and cheered that the two sides were tied at 93 because of Zhong Daguo’s gripping vote.
There are three seconds left in the game, and now the grizzlies are faced with suffering. After they play a wave of attack, how can the rockets play a wave of attack when there is still plenty? Coach Grizzly Bear was forced to call a timeout.
"Just make this attack well, regardless of the other two points, throw a three-point shot, and then we will try our best to defend when they attack. The key is to make sure that we make this attack." Coach Grizzlies shouted, "Come on, come on? ? ? ? ? ? ?” He patted the bottoms of some players to cheer them up.
Conley dribbled calmly in the radian. Kyle Gasol picked him up and Acic changed his defense at the high position. At this time, Conley defended and Gasol defended Lin crazily, which was obviously more beneficial to Grizzlies.
Conley is more than 2 meters shorter than Acic. A smart point guard is certainly much faster than a heavy center. Conley broke through the last barrier of the Acic rocket line without blowing off dust. He is power forward Patterson. At this time, he doesn’t want to let go of the rules, so letting go of the rules is to give the other side two free throws directly, so the other side can easily get 2 points without letting go of the rules, and the other side may not score.
Conley hit the basket and leaned against Patterson’s body. The left-handed basket finally hit the board.
“onley? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?” Dj barking again? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? With one second left in the game, the rocket will make an attack when there is plenty, and whether this attack can be made directly determines the fate of the rocket. How to make the final attack and who to play it is a very headache.
McHale asked for a time-out, holding the drawing board, and he shouted at the top of his voice, "One second is enough. Whoever has a chance will come. Don’t be reluctant and don’t worry. Throw 2 points or 3 points."
Coach Grizzly Bear is also giving advice to the players: "Expand the defensive circle and defend them by three points, so long as they don’t miss anyone. People must be marked by two points. The so-called key can’t let them project the lore three points. Parsons, a big country, has strong three-point ability. You should keep an eye on it."
Lin frantically dribbled the ball to the frontcourt with seven seconds left. Parsons seemed very excited at this time. He ran over and reached out for the ball. Lin gave it to him, but Allen defended very hard. In the last seven seconds, he was even more energetic. Parsons didn’t have a chance to shoot. He didn’t force his hand and gave it to Lin Crazy.
There were four seconds left in the game, and when the big country saw it, there were not many of him. He needed to make a contribution. He suddenly accelerated and ran towards Lin Crazy. Guy then ran over. Lin Crazy immediately gave the ball to Zhong Daguo. Guy knew that Zhong Daguo must have thrown three points at this time, because he didn’t have time to do other things. He jumped directly from far away. He had to put pressure on Zhong Daguo.
Zhong Daguo would have thought of releasing the rules before, but this time he didn’t have any idea of making them. He just thought that he had to shoot the ball into the basket steadily, and he firmly believed in his ability.
At the moment of catching the ball, he immediately jumped up, relaxed, coordinated, elegant and confident, and shot his hand. He didn’t put his hands down immediately, but he still kept projecting and moving, and his eyes were extremely determined to watch the ball spinning.
"oh? ? ? ? ? ? ?” He roared with his mouth open, and the whistle still blew at the end of the game. The home fans of Grizzlies were very disappointed when they left the stadium. Guy was able to gawk at the basket in the same place at this time. His eyes were sad and helpful, while the Rockets were partying and hugging the No.1 star. Did he punch him in the chest and touch his head constantly? ? ? ? ? ? In 9596, the big country hit a three-pointer winner in the last second. He seems to feel the extreme honor moment in ba again. Now he has become the hottest hero of the Rockets, scoring 46 points in two consecutive 4+ games and sending out two assists with five rebounds. It is really tough.
If you want to know the funeral, please listen to the breakdown.
Chapter 21 Cut 66 points.
Chapter 21 scored 66 points and the Rockets played the Suns at home. Introduction to the Suns.
Phoenix Suns, located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, joined the nBA in 1996, but never crowned the championship. Missing Jabbar in the 1969 draft was the biggest regret of the Suns. Two years later, the Suns insisted on the small ball style and repeatedly played pleasing games but ended up in the finals.
In the 214-215 season, their main players are Massingotta striker Luis Scola, striker Marcus Morris, striker Jared Dudley, striker Michael Beasley and swingman Wesley. Johnson point guard Goran Dradzic
Masin? Gortat was born in lodz,poland, February 17th, 1994. Poland is a Polish professional basketball player. He works as a power forward center and plays for the Phoenix Suns in the nBA. The Phoenix Suns 25 was selected by the Suns in the 57th overall pick in the second round. He is a middle-class player with a height of 211m in the nba.
Louis? Scola was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 3, 1999. Argentine professional basketball player is a power forward center. He played for the Phoenix Suns in the nBA for 22 years. After Bueina selected by the Spurs for the 56th pick in the second round, he was traded to the Rockets, and then he was laid off by the Rockets. After joining the Suns, he was just as good in the nba.
Scola is physically strong, but he is very flexible in online combat, and sometimes he can complete the small forward movement. When necessary, he can play solo on the back of the basket. Scola’s online height does not have much advantage, but his offensive means are varied and he can always avoid the opponent’s block. Besides, Scola is also fast and can participate in the team’s fast break.
Europe’s No.1 power forward mvp of the Americas Games, he has the unique skills of European players and the field vision. Scola’s excellent ball control ability is also one of the best in the nBA, and his ability to coordinate and organize in the high position is his unique skill. He can often send unexpected assists in the game.
Defense is not scola’s strong point, but his offensive foul has made many nBA players suffer a lot. scola is very hard in the game, which will also cause some foul trouble. In the nBA, it is his rebounding that needs to be strengthened, and at the same time, he combines his strength and flexibility with his basketball IQ.
Jared? Dudley was born on July 1st, 1995 in San Diego, California, USA. He is a small forward of American nBA basketball players. He was selected by the Bobcats in the 22nd pick in the first round in 27 years and now plays for the Phoenix Suns.
Michael? Beasley was born in frederik,maryland, USA on January 9, 1999. He was a small forward/power forward in Maryland, USA. He was selected by the Heat for the second place in the first round of two years and now plays for the Phoenix Suns in nBA.
He is a left-handed player with a range far beyond the three-point line, excellent rebounding ability, first-class power forward strength and small forward speed. The main attacker can dribble on the outside and break through the change-direction basket. His skill and extraordinary talent have won him wide acclaim and won him the first place in the nBA draft forecast in 2008.
He often loses his defensive attention, and his defensive attitude is poor. When he is behind in the game, he is still listless and lacking in ferocity, especially in line defense. Once CIC loses his line and can’t get in, he will get lost on the offensive end. If the opponent is good at fast break, Beasley will get some unnecessary fouls. Wesley? Johnson was born in Corsicana, Texas, USA on July 11th, 1997. EAS, an American professional basketball player, took the fourth place in the first round in the 21st year and was selected by the Timberwolves. Now he plays for the Phoenix Suns in nBA.
The position, body and hardware are all in good condition, reaching all the indexes of the concept of "classic sports striker" … He is silky and quick when he shuttles to the baseline … He is 6′ 7 in height, has strong giant arm span and super 7′ small ase explosive jumping ability, which also enables him to jump out in the fierce restricted area confrontation … His jump shot is silky and smooth, and his take-off height is good … He has a reliable skill, and CIC has been improving … It seems that he is shooting after "delivering a ball" because of him. Distance between players … When he doesn’t jump shot after dribbling, he will try to distance his defender and get a shot. This move is very effective, which is a necessary move for an nBA scoring small forward … The range is also very long, the shooting speed is fast and the shooting point is high.
Wes will behave himself or rely too much on his jump shot. When he feels bad, he can’t feel in the game for a long time … He needs to gain weight. In the face of a stronger defender than himself, he prefers to retreat and make a reluctant shot. After playing in the nba for several years, he didn’t achieve the ideal result and was sent to the Suns.
Golan? Drazic was born in ljubljana,sloslavia, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Sloslavia is a professional basketball player who works as a point guard and a shooting guard. He was selected by the Spurs for the 45th place in the second round of the nBA Phoenix Suns for 2 years. On September 22, 2002, the nBA Phoenix Suns signed a contract with Drazic for the Suns on February 24, 2011 and a point guard Aaron who came to the Rockets in the first draft. Brooks signed a four-year, $340,000 contract with the Phoenix Suns after the Rockets collapsed on July 5, 2012.
Dragic’s offensive means are rich, his range is long and his speed is fast, so he is destined to become a surprise soldier. He has a guard with few skillful steps, and he is good at sending the ball into the basket at an extremely difficult angle among many people in the basket. He also has gorgeous ball control skills. He often wears a crotch and plays tricks on his opponent’s fast-break basket to score points, which is his specialty. Occasionally, he will choose to dunk. After the Suns followed Steve Nash for several years, he has a good grasp of the fast-break rhythm, and he has the ability to shoot from a short distance in a virtual stop. Perhaps because of injury,
Compared with the short pg, Drazic’s biggest advantage is his height. He is 191m tall. Although Drazic looks a little weak physically, he likes to stick to his opponent all the time in defense. It is also good to prevent his opponent from moving horizontally. Usually, he can kill his physical fitness. Generally, the point guard is more than enough to defend the backup point guard, but it is a bit difficult to meet the strong guards of Ross and Delong.
If you want to know the funeral, please listen to the breakdown.
Chapter 211 Cut 66 points in two
Chapter 211 Cut 66 points in two
At the Toyota Center Arena in Houston, more than a dozen players of the Rockets are wearing white jerseys, and the mascot of the Rockets is dancing funny in the center of the venue. The audience are wearing the No.7 jerseys of Lin Crazy or No.1 jerseys of Zhong Daguo in their chairs, and some people are holding the ball in their hands, so they can enjoy watching the game and satisfying their appetite. This life is still quite comfortable.
The Suns’ main force is No.5 Gotat, No.4 Scola, No.3 Dudley, No.2 Wesley? Johnson No.1 Drazic; The Rockets’ starting lineup remains unchanged.
There is no need to say about the jump ball. Acic is a sophomore and young. Of course, he touched the ball first. He pushed his teammates to the side around him. His teammates grabbed the backboard and dribbled wildly. He didn’t have any extra moves. He directly hit the iron with an arc-top three-pointer. Acic caught the ball with great power in the basket. He took the ball out again. He dribbled wildly again. He was a point guard. When it came to work, he should do it.