We are all excited and yearning, and some of us were almost bombarded with hiccups and boarded the plane to Monte Carlo for this trip to Tianjing.

Chapter 99 Monte Carlo
When we arrived at the plane, we fell asleep in a daze. The first class was not too comfortable, and we didn’t wake up much. The direct plane didn’t connect.
Anyway, when I woke up,
It was Lin Weiwei who pushed and urged, "Hurry up and pack up and it’s time to land."
I opened my eyes and looked dim. It was past 9: 00 a.m. in Beijing, which meant flying for nearly nine hours.
It’s really enjoyable to sleep and stretch to see the outside, but it’s still dark. "Why is it dark again?"
Next to Zhu Yeqing, he hit me, "I’m drunk and sometimes it’s late. Let’s go or sleep early in the night to get down to business."
Forget this crop.
However, the breeze blew just next night and I saw a beautiful harbor, which made people get goose bumps. "My God, it’s so beautiful, and the sea is still so blue in the evening."
"Yes, many sailboats are so beautiful."
I saw the general scenery of Monte Carlo Bay, and it really arrived.
In the evening, a number of people who went out to sea returned to Hong Kong in small yachts and sailboats, making people feel comfortable to watch.
The fire pendant was there and said, "Boss, let’s get a yacht to play. How about that? I think it’s pretty cool."
Ning Xi seems to have been here and said, "There are yachts to rent, sleeping and going out to sea. If you need me, I’ll rent one."
It’s natural to come to Monte Carlo without playing yacht.
Hongli said, "Yachts can talk about casinos later, but we should see that this is the earliest casino in the world, which is very good before Las Vegas."
Flapping the folding fan seems to have been here.
Pang Bo asked, "Brother Li, have you been here before?" His name is Brother Long Hong Li, and he is used to it.
Hongli nodded his head. "When I woke up in the past seven years, the country was in a mess. It was meaningless to stay. People were almost insane. I traveled around the world, but I didn’t play much this time."
"Then go to the casino first. If you don’t go to the casino after waking up, you have to sleep."
I stretched myself and made a decision. Others also wanted to give it a try, so it was a trip. Anyway, we didn’t get accurate news until early in the morning.
The plane also landed smoothly.
Yi Xue and Lin Xinheng came over and asked, "Are you going to visit or find a place to settle down first?"
I said, "Let’s take a look at the night scene first. I slept all day, just in time to go to the casino to have a look at you."
Yi Xuedao "hit it off. There is a gambling boat going out to sea tonight and we can stay here. Our president booked tickets before the boat came. We can go together and stay in the sky. It’s not good to show up when we get back."
It’s almost perfect, but it’s arranged
Nod at once "OK, then we’ll follow you", but then smell yourself drunk and say, "It’s a little sticky to arrange a room to wash and wash before you get there."
"Yes, I need to take a bath."
Pang Bo, fire pendant also mouth.
It’s the first time to go abroad, and I’m quite excited. I’ve been looking around through the window, and the plane is calling for the horse to land and let people do it well
I went back to my position and waited for a while to talk about it.
Lin Weiwei winked at me. "It’s okay to be with them, but don’t get too close to Yi Xue."
I kept thinking about it all the time, but I felt good about it, so I said, "Don’t worry, I will never change my mind about the moon."
She chuckled and smiled with a frown.
The plane taxied smoothly, and the runway stopped. Come on, sister, let’s guide everyone to take the plane. We don’t have any luggage. We have some checked in and will pick it up later.
It was a smooth walk. There was still a heat wave after a windy night. "This is the feeling of the Mediterranean."
Stretched for the first time, I felt a little excited to be in a foreign land, and I followed it step by step, and so did everyone else.
Pang Bo and fire pendant have only a few things to prepare.
Hongli is the shopkeeper of cutting and looking at Ning Xi and Zhu Yeqing with a lot of high technology. He has to find a consignment and Lin Weiwei.
Go together.
Yi Xue and Lin Xinheng have more people and more things on the 17th. The plane took nearly an hour.
I just sat and arranged a good car to go to the coast where the ferry was located. The asphalt road was very quiet all the way. It was already night, and the stars were bright and dazzling.
"Sure enough, even the stars are different."
Can’t help but sigh
Ning Xi also asked, "That Tiancheng said that it was placed in Monte Carlo. Where did it say?"
Hongli understood and said, "Every time the awakened one comes, a lot will come. Just watch, then you will know and don’t think it’s that easy. There are still some cards, but I feel that if we want to go in, it’s still no problem."
What do you mean "want to go in? There are things inside. "
I asked 1
Tiancheng is a city founded by the Awakener. I don’t know when it will be built, but it will be against players for a long time, but it is completely unknown in the earth system.
I doubt if I have the opportunity to ask Tongtiancheng what is going on.
Hongli first said, "It’s very simple. Doesn’t the guild have a permanent residence? If there is a powerful guild, the guild can choose to stay in Tiancheng and finish shielding the unified signal, which means that even it can be blocked. You can’t find what you are good. Many forces want a piece of the action, but there are few places. As far as I know, there are only 17 in all. Every one is a blood shed.
I don’t know what can shield the signal in Tiancheng and what will have such ability. My strongest time was when I was emperor Qianlong before I died, but I haven’t met this thing at that time. It should be the responsibility of westerners to find out where it is. If there is no ability, there will be no deep exploration. "
This road is beyond our expectation, and we can’t help but be more curious because such a freak as Ganlong didn’t get the details of the daytime city.
And Hongli added, "I got the Kowloon Sword, which is one of the ancient magic weapons. It is possible that this sword is not called the Kowloon Sword. As you can see, it is a knife. It is impossible that I have some secret and mysterious things, and others may get it. Instead, I was sealed in a coffin because of Qianlong. Some of them suppressed the ability of the Kowloon Sword, but others watched it. The world is wonderful. You have just seen it."
We all took a gasp and showed our limitations.
"What else can there be? Those myths are all true and that’s too false."
"Yes, what else can there be? Nothing in Tiancheng can control it."
Everyone has doubts.
I’m afraid there are not many people who really know in the awakened world.
However, I might know that the United real system immediately talked to him and asked, "You should know what is going on in Tiancheng, right? There are still people in your system who can’t manage it."
This time, Tong quickly answered, "Because that’s the ability of a magic weapon like the Kowloon sword?" Capturing the heavens and the earth, creating a small world like the Kowloon sword is an ability that I can’t control. I don’t know how the original system was generated. Anyway, it can’t be destroyed, and Qianlong said it’s right. There are many things you can’t imagine. Explore it quickly. Wonderful. "
There is no sound.
I have another eye. It turns out that Tiancheng is a magic weapon. It’s too fake to be small when you close it.